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Welcome to Villa Methexis, a charming and welcoming luxury villa for rent in Apokoronas. A comfy & stylish 3-bedroom house with private pool located in Armenoi, Apokoronas, Chania, Crete. Step inside and experience the timeless beauty of this stone dwelling, meticulously renovated to blend tradition with modern functionality making it the ideal Luxury Villa for rent.

Located in the breathtaking Cretan landscape, villa is surrounded by springs and plane trees, creating a serene oasis for an unforgettable summer escape. If you are looking for a family villa  we offering warm and memorable hospitality, ensuring you have a truly remarkable stay.

Explore the picturesque charm of Chania. Discover golden sandy beaches and awe-inspiring mountains. Welcome to your home away from home at Villa Methexis.

Methexis: "Communication between the sensible world and the world of ideas"

Plato, Ancient Philosopher.

In this villa, the beauty of nature, its fragrances, and the untamed Cretan landscape converge with profound thoughts and emotions inspired by the authenticity of the local people.


A Luxury Villa
for Rent in Apokoronas

If you're looking for a calm getaway from the city or a luxury, stylish and comfy house close to the beautiful beaches and mountains of Crete, Methexis is the place for you. Located in Armenoi, just 20 kilometers from downtown Chania, we're here to make sure you have a great experience under the sunny Mediterranean skies. We provide excellent service and helpful advice to make your stay memorable.

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Armenie, Chania
110 Sq. Meters
Swimming Pool
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms

Elegant Design

Great For Families and Couples



With a history spanning over 4,000 years, Armenoi showcases a tapestry of antiquities, fertile plains, springs, rivers, and captivating local traditions, legends, and myths.

Town of Chania

Chania stands as one of Greece's most captivating and internationally renowned tourist destinations. The Venetian harbor and the enchanting neighborhood of the Old Town epitomize picturesque charm.

Chania Beaches & Mountains

Experience the beauty of Chania, where turquoise waters caress golden sandy beaches, consistently ranked among the world's finest. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring gorges, home to protected species of flora and fauna, offering an idyllic setting for spring and summer hikes and explorations.

Stay With Us

Experience quality accommodation at an affordable price. We wholeheartedly serve our guests, ensuring they receive the exceptional treatment they deserve. We adore Villa Methexis, and we're confident you will too.